Build the interview


Add a company and a candidate to the interview. Select a skill and and skill level you would like to test the candidate on. After the interview is all setup an email will get sent to the them to login to begin. We are staying very targeted and focused on skills right now. We offer Ruby on rails interviews currently.

Here is a list of skills we are moving to next. Please contact us if you are in need of an interview for these.

  • Ruby
  • React/Redux
  • Elixir
  • Phoenix
  • Go

Dedicated Github repository


Each interview is assigned its own github repository to work on. That way we can see exactly how a candidate will work in a production environment. We are looking to see how the candidate's choose to make commits, branches, and pull requests. This also gives us the opportunity to leave feedback directly on their code for the interviewer and candidate to view.

Evaluation with 6 scoring categories

40 of 100 Craftsmanship

50 of 100 Design

60 of 100 Teachable

70 of 100 Creativity

80 of 100 Execution

450 of 500 Overall

Evaluation is based on 6 categories. After the project is submitted we give a score for each one. The final overall category is total of of the other 5. Both front end and backend are given this evaluation. So you will actually have 12 scores to view. You may notice that there is color coordination with percent that is scored for each category. This helps to quickly identify scoring range.

Status notification and timestamp


Throughout the lifecycle of an interview we track its status. When a candidate clicks begin, the interviewer is notified that they have begun. A timestamp is made so that you can reference how long it takes for them to complete the project. The same goes for every status after that.

Time to complete a task is relevant, but it is not be mistaken without context. Just like any other test, completing quickly and having the answer wrong is not helpful. When it comes to programming there are many choices that effect the success of a product. For an example a poor design choice could leave you with months of refactoring technical debt.

Saved interviews


After having an interview you will always be able to reference the information through the website. This will allow you to keep track of evaluations for candidates to make great business decisions. You can use this data for things like calculating costs for hiring.

Knowing where your developers strenghth lie is a very important piece of the puzzle. We sometimes have a general idea, but a codeview interview goes more in depth. We test both front end and backend and the 6 categories we talked about.

Live chat support


If you have questions we got answers. We have spent many hours contacting services with questions that never get answered. This frustration is the last thing we want you to feel. Our online chat is provided on every page of the website. Just click the bottom right chat icon and send us a message. If you do not get an answer immediately, leave an email and we will contact you back in less than 24 hrs.